Who has richard armitage dating

Granted, but talking about your private life is different from showing it. Maybe LP’s just holding it for him while RA’s apartment is sorted. Other celebrities are private about their private life but they’re dating is still common knowledge because of what’s out there in plain sight. If he were planning to start a family with her (or any woman for that matter), he’d be showing her off. As Richard keeps his personal life behind the curtains hence, nobody especially thinks about his dating history, now.

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They don’t address the rumors because they don’t want to attract any kind of attention to it (although RA’s not doing a very good job at that at the moment.

Their bonding, nonetheless, was unnatural to the screen as it were.

In any case, Richard is said to have a girlfriend since 2016.

Then all these little sightings started to hit the internet.

Like Riley alluded to above, most of us Richleers started to put together a picture and at some point, the circumstances began to heavily outweigh the coincidences.

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